Cute Butt

Cute Butt

Whatever you are going through, great beauty lies ahead of all of your challenges and hard times.  From this hike I could see Downtown LA, Hollywood hills & Hollywood Sign, Century City & Santa Monica! Before I went hiking I juiced a bunch of fruit and veggies and had 2 eggs with spinach to prepare for exercise! I like to juice on the weekends.

After I went hiking, I went grocery shopping. I literally only planned on buying a few mangos, but you know how food shopping goes after you’ve worked out and you’re hungry. I bought a bunch of food, and on my way into the grocery store, a girl yelled to me from her car and said ‘CUTE BUTT!’ I’m glad all my exercising is paying off! Hurray!

I  write these blog posts as my way of communicating with the outside world. When I’m inside of my apartment, I’m like ‘I want friends.’ And when I leave the apartment, and people try to talk to me, I’m like ‘No, go away, leave me alone, no people today for me thanks.’ What a constant battle.

Anyway it was a pretty day.

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