Human Worth & Dignity, & also my Butt

Human Worth & Dignity, & also my Butt

Whatever it is you think about someone else’s tangible assets such as their body and bank account, first you must acknowledge they are a human being with feelings. Or in man language, blah blah blah. Dat ass.

Tying human worth & dignity to a dollar value with terms such as ‘net worth’ has been pervading our society at least since the 90’s when I developed conscious awareness. This language we use of ‘being fat’ vs ‘having fat’ and ‘being successful’ vs ‘having success’ brainwashes us to devalue and disempower ourselves and others. We are all human beings, and our uniqueness, specialness and spirit are invaluable and separate from materials such as money, career, body type, or body mass index. Categorizing and valuing people by their material possessions instead of their spiritual and emotional depth takes away from the human experience.

In addition, making derogatory and degrading remarks about people’s body types such as ‘you’re fat’ and ‘you’re bony,’ and even making remarks about skin color like ‘you’re pale,’ or ‘you need a tan,’ is dehumanizing, objectifying, undignified & a form of bullying. If you say anything about someone else’s body type or skin color, it should be a compliment. To tell other people they need to go out and change the innate color of their skin, which is a human organ, by applying harmful UV rays to it unnecessarily, and spraying it with chemicals, just to be trendy and popular, is horrifying.

Even jokingly telling someone they need to change their skin color is racist and mean, no matter to whom you are speaking or the intention of your words. And, with hurtful remarks in general about other people, apart from being unwanted, unkind, cruel and hurtful to the receiver (I can’t say victim because society has stigmatized and degraded that word), these remarks hurt the offender as well. On top of  the emotional burden of guilt that comes with causing other human beings pain, there are other consequences.

The Universe is structured so that everyone and everything makes a full arc. Even the shape of the planets, the lunar bodies, water droplets, and the sun and stars are round, and some scientists believe, the Universe may one day implode just the way it expanded and time will reverse backwards, but that is a theory. Regardless, a circle is the most prevalent shape in the Universe, and the shape ironically and beautifully signifies every process in the Universe itself, the most incredible being life. Life begins at birth and ends at death (though spiritual death is questionable), like a circle, and so where you begin is also where you end. Every process in the Universe is carried out from start to finish, in that where you finish is also where you start. You began as dust and to dust you shall return. Energy conversion is constant, and energy is neither created nor destroyed. Therefore, to put out hurtful and abusive energy, by the nature of the Universe, is to invite it back into your own life.

When it comes to money, you are not your net worth, your car, your grades, or your career, you are you.  Your net worth is not the one with the dollar sign. You can say someone has $2 million, but they are not ‘worth’ $2 million, and to insinuate that people carry some kind of dollar value is insulting. It ties their intrinsic, cosmic worth to their ability to make a profit, and that is not only degrading but it is inaccurate, as the two are not interchangeable. Your ‘net worth’ has no real currency value outside of the limited minds of other people. Yet this is a concept in our language that carries through to our culture and therefore dominates our thoughts –  that the ‘net worth’ of a breathing, feeling, sentient human being is violently reduced to their bank account dollar value instead of being honorably and sacredly upheld as the indefinable, abstract concept that it is by its very nature. How can you tangibly measure the worth of another human being in terms of pieces of paper produced from dead trees? What a horrifying concept.

Because of this concept, who people really are ends up being ignored and taken for granted, and yet that is the most interesting part about them. What makes people different from you is their specialness, and when people really open up about all their little quirks, fears, hopes, experiences and dreams and they make themselves vulnerable instead of fearing what society will think of them, they actually become pretty interesting. Therefore, discouraging people from being their full selves by masking some part of them takes away from their human experience as well as yours.  If we change the way we think and value ourselves and others, I think it would enrich our human experience on this planet.

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