Magic of Mangoes

Magic of Mangoes

Let me get in ya body n make ya feel good.

I just want all the ladies out there to know that I ate a mango everyday for a month and, for the first time since high school, I didn’t have to take a pain pill for cramps during my period. That’s a big deal. Every month without fail, my cramps are so bad that on the first day, if I do not take a pain pill, I will have to spend the day in bed and my body literally feels like it’s getting ripped apart from the inside. Perchance, I was living with roommates who had a mango ripening for weeks on their kitchen counter (it wasn’t a traditional mango that is sold at the grocery store – it was a gift to them from some magical friend and I have no idea where it came from), and when it finally ripened and they shared it with me, I literally had to have mango everyday for a month. It was that good. Does anyone else notice that food from the grocery store, the produce, does not taste fresh? It’s like even the organic produce is sprayed with something to extend its shelf life and it doesn’t taste real. It doesn’t taste authentic, and it doesn’t give you all the same nutritional benefits that it should and that nature intended.

When I was in Mexico, I bought fruits and vegetables from Indigenous People selling it on the streets, who just laid out it gracefully on blankets on the sidewalks, and sold it for literally pocket change. And it was the freshest, most delicious produce I have ever had in my life. The vitality you feel after you eat real food that has not been sprayed with chemicals (pesticides or other) makes you feel different. You have more energy and you don’t get sick. Your mood improves. You become happier. Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve gotten sick now for about 4 years. I don’t take flu shots, I don’t take vitamins and I don’t take supplements. (I did have all my basic childhood vaccinations though and sometimes I take probiotics, which literally saved my colon from ulcerative colitis.) I just try to get lots of fruits and vegetables into my diet. It’s a priority. And when I do, I have lots of energy, a good mood and huge libido, which is really how life should be, right?

Anyway, when I came back to America, it felt like a food desert where even if you go to the grocery store and pay top dollar for the expensive organic produce, you’re still not getting what you should, and ironically, the food in a third world country just south of us, being sold on the sidewalks by Indigenous People, is far superior. The food situation in America is a disgrace. I cannot believe there are not organic gardens every 2 miles that communities share and manage. Going to the grocery store and paying top dollar for organic produce that is still not even real food because it has been sprayed and has lost its nutritional value is horrible. It’s impoverishing mentally and physically, and allows inequality to pervade our society. If you don’t have the land to grow your own food, you are stuck with the sprayed, expensive food at the grocery store, and basic human rights should include unrestricted access to real, unadulterated, fresh food from the ground, grown organically, and sustainably produced.  (Vote for me for President).

I also want to say that when women are having pain and serious cravings during their periods (and pregnancy?), maybe all you’re craving is real food instead of what the sprayed food they sell at the grocery store? The body is smart and has cravings for a reason. It is wired to be conservative and not waste energy sending signals it does not need to, and cravings are hormonal signals. They’re not just there to annoy you and make you eat food that your body does not need. The body craves what it is missing for it to be in optimum health. When you eat healthy, timely, and in the right proportions, your body will not ask for anything more. So perhaps when girls are experiencing pain and cravings during their periods and want chocolate, sugar, and cupcakes, maybe what their bodies really want is real, fresh fruit? Or healthy veggies with spices? Just a thought and worth a try!

I know when I used to make lentil soup with spices and potatoes, onions, chickpeas, garlic, etc. (and added avocado to each bowlful before I ate), I had a bowl of that soup every 2 hours and lost at least 10 pounds in a month, was never hungry, slept well, and had more than enough energy to live my life and have great 2 hour workouts at the gym. And I lost all my night cravings. Unfortunately, I forgot how to make it after I backpacked Mexico and have tried and tried and cannot recreate it. But when I do I can post the recipe!

Anyway, I just wanted to share the Magic of Mangoes with y’all. Food is Love and Health is Wealth! Many blessings.

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