The Super Bowl Was Today?

The Super Bowl Was Today?

Dat foozball

I was painting another painting and had to leave my apartment to buy more black paint. I drove to Michaels and got up to the cash register and the cashier said, as Americans do, in all their dead politeness, ‘how are you?’

I said back in all my dead politeness, ‘good, how are you,’ and she said back in all her dead politeness, ‘good.’ And that is how Americans greet each other. Because we are all dead inside.

Anyway, I then asked her ‘so how are you’ which means, ‘honestly, how are you doing.’ And she said ‘oh I’m good, did you watch the game today?’ And I said, ‘what game?’

She said ‘the Super Bowl is on today.’ And I laughed and said ‘oh wow I had no idea. It wasn’t even in the news today. Who performed?’ And she said ‘Maroon 5.’ And I said ‘cool.’ And that was the end of that conversation.

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