Science. Like Conscience, but without the con. Because science doesn’t lie. Oh, admit you were impressed by that. Admit it.

Yeah cuz I just did.


When you can’t life anymore and start converting sunlight into sugar and photosynthesizing like a flower by opening and closing your legs. What.

I had so much coffee last night that I wRote

this whole page and if

you could see me now I

bet that


would say hi

chris pine

how r u

The bolded letters in that poem spell out Rubisco which is a chemical in chloroplasts in plants which converts energy from sunlight into sugar. Energy is always conserved, so it is transformed, and never destroyed. Also, Chris Pine is really hot and I really would actually talk to him if I were as caffeinated at that time as I was last night.

Do jellyfish have jelly?

Actually, the full formula is PV = nRT, and that is the ideal gas law. Pressure x Volume = number of moles of gas x R (which is a constant) x temperature.   Also, E=mc^2 is Einstein’s theory of relativity, which states that energy can be converted into matter and is equal to an amount of matter times the square of the speed of light which is 3.8m/s. The other formula on the board is P1V1. The full formula is P1V1=P2V2, where pressure and volume ‘before’ are equal to pressure and volume ‘after’ due to conservation. The F on the right side of the board probably refers to Force, which is equal to mass x acceleration, and acceleration on planet earth is 9.8m/s/s. But blah blah blah I’m just a girl right?

No but really don’t touch me. Unless you have that thing. No, not that thing. The other thing. It’s called consent. Get some. (Unless of course you’re chris pine. Then you’re pre-approved, like a credit card, which is ironic because credit cards slide in and out of … okay then)


yOu see

I’m Not here for

Stupid games, or

Efforts spent

fulfilling Needs in

Times unbent?

Thank you Sandy. But that looks like math.

There is no gold at the end of the rainbow, the gold is the rainbow. Do you even metaphor? No, I dinosaur.

I’m done.