1. Don’t back down if your answer is no. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it.

2. Make sure you have an alternative place to stay. Know your surroundings.

3. Use your gut feelings about people.

4. If I’m alone, I’m usually back at my place before dark unless I feel safe being out because the place has become familiar to me.

5. Carry your valuables in front of you.

6. Be cautious of children because sometimes they steal.

7. Watch your step. Falling, spraining your ankle, etc and not being able to get back up is really scary, especially if you’re alone!

8. Always tell someone where you are and where you’re going. The app find friends gives your updated location to a person of your choosing in real time if you have your phone on you. It’s also useful to text the name and address of people you’re staying with to your parents/close friend(s).

9. The app works even when you don’t have service. But I think Google Maps does too. 911 also works if you don’t have service, but I have only tried that in the US.

10. Need an emergency place to stay that’s free? Couchsurfing is pretty good about that. Download the app and send as many requests as possible to hosts around you. Make sure they have good reviews! You can also use Airbnb in a pinch, or a hostel. Have your credit card information already uploaded into Airbnb (and Uber) to speed up the process of getting somewhere safe because there may be times when you’re really in a rush if something else didn’t work out last minute. Trust me!