The Power of Positivity.

The Power of the Mind.

The Power of Will.

Do you want to know a secret? Throughout human history, people have been able to accomplish incredible and astounding feats. They have built enormous pyramids, invented mathematics and sent spaceships to the moon. They have constructed telescopes to see so far back into the past that they can see the moment after the Big Bang! JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books while subsisting on welfare; now, she is one of the world’s few self-made billionaires. Sara Blakely started pursuing Spanx after failing her LSAT twice, auditioning to be Goofy at Disney World, and  selling fax machines for seven years after graduating from college. And even after she came up with the idea for Spanx, her friends told her that it was not going to work because corporations would somehow imitate her idea and put her out of business. But after she started the company, she became the youngest self-made billionaire in America.

The reason that people were able to accomplish these feats is because they believed that they could. They believed it was possible, and they did not stop until they did. They used their imagination & curiosity to make incredible discoveries and push humanity ever into the future, expanding upon the inventions of the past. The mind is a powerful tool for change, and having positive, good-natured thoughts and an ‘I can and I will’ attitude can make the difference between where you are and where you want to go. Thoughts become actions, actions make people successful, and one person’s success affects everyone in a collective global way. We all affect each other; your energy affects those around you as their energy affects you. So how you spend your time and with whom  matters and affects your happiness and success. Choose wisely.

There is a difference between negative & constructive criticism, and there are those who try to pass off negativity as constructive. Try to avoid this, and if you can’t, figure out how to use it to your advantage. You don’t have to divulge your goals or dreams to anyone, not even your friends and family. Keeping your secrets to yourself until you’re successful prohibits other people from sloshing their negativity onto your dreams, and instead of arguing with them about how good your ideas are,  spend that energy bringing your goals to fruition. Energy spent explaining yourself to others is  better spent on yourself. Don’t try to convince others of your ideas unless you want to do business with them and remember that other peoples’ negativity is a reflection of their own limitations, not yours. It is not your job to educate other people about what you can and cannot do. Show them instead.

Make your life count for something and pursue your truest passions. Life is a race against time to accomplish everything you want to do, so you better get moving! Always remember that you cannot MAKE other people happy. If you put your time into trying to make other people happy instead of yourself, you are going to be miserable. People will ultimately disappoint you if you depend on them for your happiness. Don’t allow someone else to decide if you are going to be happy, and just as you are not responsible for other their happiness, they are also not responsible for yours. Your happiness and satisfaction in life is YOUR responsibility, and yours alone. No one else can make you happy.

You don’t need others to feel happy, but it’s good to interact with other people just to gain a different perspective about the world and learn how to assert yourself respectfully when necessary. And good friends are wonderful, but a lot of peace and wisdom can be gained from solitude. Fill your time with good thoughts, work on yourself, and make valuable contributions to your well being. Work on your business, fitness, health, a language, an instrument, travel, or work more so you can invest more money in your business and what ultimately makes you happy. If you use your time to fulfill yourself, you won’t feel lonely, you’ll feel empowered.

I had a goal for a backpacking trip around Mexico, and that goal was to restore my faith in humanity. I was looking for positivity and compassion from strangers by couchsurfing the whole country by myself. I wanted to know that there were good people out there who cared about me even if they did not know me. And I found that and so much more! On my first day in Mexico, I flew into Mexico City to stay with a man I had never met in-person before but only knew through the couchsurfing app and who had absolutely no reviews. I was terrified but he was the one person who could host me during the holidays of the Day of the Dead, which I had always wanted to experience. This is was my only chance. Before I got on the plane I almost vomited because I was so scared.

My flight was an hour late and customs took an extra hour of time. I did not cell phone service yet, and my host had agreed to pick me up from the airport, but I thought after all this for sure he had grown frustrated and angry waiting for me and left. But to my surprise, he was patiently waiting for me, and not only that, was holding up a sign that said ‘couchsurfing,’ He even had a warm smile on his face when he greeted me. I deeply apologized to him for the wait and thanked him profusely for waiting for me for so long. He was so kind to me and told me not to worry about it. Can you believe that? The depth of kindness and compassion that this person had for me was astounding to me, like nothing I had ever seen. And on the way to his home, he said something I will carry in my heart forever. He said ‘this trip will restore your faith in humanity.’

I never told him that was the goal of my whole trip. And this was my first host! And he was a complete stranger. And yet those words just organically flowed out of his mouth. It was a miracle and it gave me goosebumps. The Universe whispers to us all, and all we have to do is listen, and be brave. That trip did restore my faith in humanity. That trip was incredible, and most people I met were warm and welcoming and opened up their homes to me and were so nice. They were just good-natured, nice people. Yes, some wanted a positive review on the couchsurfing app so that they could travel to other countries, but a lot didn’t need the reviews, and they gave me much of their time and energy for free, and even their food! I will never forget their kindness. There were even people that I went on trips with, where I planned out our destinations and we went on an adventure together and had a blast.

It was a new adventure everyday: hiking volcanoes, swimming in lakes, taking the bus from city to city and watching the countryside pass by, eating delicious tacos and quesadillas, finding new and exciting places, visiting museums, climbing pyramids. It was really, really amazing. It was so good, I thought I was dreaming and wondered what I had done to deserve such a beautiful gift as this incredible trip. I think that my positive thinking and courage made the difference between living that dream and having it only exist in my imagination. If you concentrate on what you CAN do instead of focusing on what you cannot, life becomes so much easier. And for all you know, you have this one body and this one life. You will never get your time or energy back doing things that you don’t like.

Dream, and dream big, and make things happen for yourself. If you’re going to fail, fail at what you love to do, what you believe in, what drives you to get out of bed in the morning, and what excites you. Because after you fail, you’re going to want to keep going because it’s that important to you, and eventually you will get what you want, it’s inevitable, but only if you decide that absolutely nothing will stop you and that you will overcome every obstacle that stands in your way. If you can keep your faith through times when it seems like all hope is lost and your goals are impossible to achieve, and you keep trying anyway because you believe in yourself that much, that is when you deserve success, and that is how you earn it.

Do what you want to do and not what everyone else wants you to do. Don’t copy other people or be jealous of their lives. You have your own gifts and the world needs everyone’s unique talents to contribute to the dynamic & diverse human experience. Do what pleases you and what you believe will result in your greatest happiness. Worry about yourself and do not spend your energy arguing with people. If anything, have infinite compassion for others, for life is very difficult and we all experience that, and the purpose of pain is to humble us all to be kind to each other. So be kind to others, and most of all, be kind to yourself. ‘Think of the happiest things…it’s the same as having wings.’ This line from Peter Pan is literally true and I never realized it until I grew up.

Your thoughts are your wings. ‘All it takes is faith…trust…and pixie dust!’ When I was a kid, I wanted so badly to believe that magic was real. And when I grew up, I had so many experiences that almost made me think that magic was a lie. And that made me really depressed. But I finally learned that that’s just another lie society tells us to manipulate us into thinking that being miserable is normal. It’s not! Life is not about being miserable working a job you hate. Life is about finding out who you are and what you’re good at and how you can use that to help other people. And magic is real, you just have to believe in it, and take risks, smart risks. You have to bet on yourself. Magic is the hope, happiness & love that lives inside your own mind. Delete the noise from your life and only put your energy into what will ultimately bring you happiness. Put positive thoughts in your head, because they  will propel you to success. And power lies in believing in your own ideas and your ability to manifest things into fruition that do not yet exist. You have that power. Use it, and please use it for good, because the world has enough people who don’t.

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