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Earthism: the idea that the planet’s natural resources are invaluable and worth more than any amount of money anyone could ever make.

Are you an earthist?

    • Are you passionate about minimizing, eliminating if possible, all suffering to human and non human life forms due to human activity?

    • Are you passionate about recycling and reusing to eradicate trash and plastic from urban and rural areas and its effects on wildlife?

    • Are you passionate about wanting all the plastic and trash in the ocean removed and properly disposed of?

    • Do you want to minimize carbon emissions from human activity?

    • Do you want society to be less paper dependent and more electronically competent to reduce paper waste and the consumption of trees and forests?

    • Are you tired of breathing in the exhaust of cars while walking down the street?

    • Are you tired of seeing the brown pollution layer in the atmosphere and wish for a clean sky?

    • Are you passionate about making sure your habits, behaviors and contributions lead to more sustainable, conservative and compassionate living?

Then congratulations, you’re an earthist! And so am I! Feel free to spread the word about earthism and refer people to this page so we can all have these common goals as we move into the future. Thank you.

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Thanks for reading!

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