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You know you wanna come to my show. Don’t lie. The only place you’re allowed to lie is the couch. Ha.


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Ok how many of ya’ll like Pokemon? I had a whole collection and especially loved the holographic cards. Anyway, here’s a little treat for you:

I wanna be my Lindsey best

like no one ever was

To make you laugh is my real test,

until you cry is my cause

I will travel across the land

performing far and wide

each audience I will make laugh

until splitting are your sides!

Comedy! With a heart like Mew

My jokes will pull you through

You sit there, I’ll perform for you



Now you’ll never hear the song the same way again….

And whenever you think of Pokemon, you’ll think of MEEEE


[In Plankton’s robotic voice] Step 1 of World Domination Complete.