About Me

About Me

I started this website as a travel blog but it has transformed into a platform for my voice, which is heavily based on issues of social justice reform, environmentalism and feminism. Feminism is not the disempowerment of men, it’s the empowerment of both sexes through granting women equal dignity legal and social dignity to men. This liberates women, promotes an equal distribution of representation in power, and fosters harmony and balance between the sexes. This will in turn build the economy, help people overcome their own personal issues with sex and sexism, and invest the greatest untapped source of potential in the whole world: Women.

Women are, in fact, the greatest source of underutilized potential in the entire world. And choosing to invest in them through education, investing in them to help build businesses, and granting them equal legal and social dignity will benefit everyone. Helping women and girls benefits everyone. It structures society to be more fair, honest and compassionate and would finally destroy the rampant, abusive and corrupt imbalance of power between the sexes that has gone on for centuries and has led to such severe atrocities as warfare, famine, pollution and genocide.

By fostering harmony between the masculine and feminine energies by helping women rise up and become global leaders and entrepreneurs and empowering them with opportunities for their wisdom and potential to manifest will lead to a more peaceful and productive global society that operates on mutual respect and fairness instead of greed and lust for power. These are the principles of feminism and matriarchy: balance and harmony. They will pave the way for environmental and social justice, help stop climate change, promote humane and sustainable capitalism, and create stronger human and animal rights laws to protect those most vulnerable to abuse.

This must be done to build a safer, healthier, happier, and more sustainable and habitable world which will also serve to protect the beauty of nature and environment, from which everyone benefits. Ancient Egypt had one of the most advanced societies in all of antiquity, and not by coincidence, because they were also one of the first ancient societies to grant women equal rights among men in many arenas. As a woman, if you had a choice to live anywhere in the world 5000 years ago, your would have wanted to be in Ancient Egypt. Queen Nefertiti, who is said to have ruled Egypt ~1370BC alongside her husband Akenaten and possibly even after his death, is perhaps one of the most famous and revered ancient queens in all of human antiquity, and she was also one of the first.

During Nefertiti’s reign, Egypt enjoyed one of its happiest and most productive times in history and saw a wealth of new and beautiful art emerge. When artists are happy, it is a good sign, one that society is on the right path. Strangely, Nefertiti and her family disappeared, most likely due to the corrupt, patriarchal priesthood who wanted to destroy any proof that Nefertiti had ever existed because they hated the thought of a female pharaoh. Additionally, Nefertiti posed a threat to their business as they profited madly from selling statuettes of the Egyptian gods to people, telling them that they’d enjoy a good after-life if they bought them. But Nefertiti and Akenaten branched off from this religion and founded a new one where everyone worshipped the sun god Aten, the sun disc, and this required no such purchases for the afterlife.

Nefertiti and Akenaten are pictured in relics living very happily with their children in their home city of Amarna. It is said that they were most likely murdered and their histories were attempted to be vanished and destroyed to protect the sovereignty of the Amun priesthood. In fact, no one has yet found the bodies of this mysterious ancient famous family. It is said that the same thing happened with Queen Hatshepsut before her, who was also a revered and great queen who brought Egypt times of great wealth and prosperity. Her corpse suggested that she died happy and that she was not murdered, but there is evidence that the same priesthood and patriarchy tried to viciously erase her memory because they hated the thought of a female queen. Sexism.

However, these attempts brutally failed, and now both of these queens are aptly remembered as two of the most famous, revered and successful queens in all of human history. In addition, Nefertiti is perhaps remembered as the most beautiful woman who ever existed in antiquity. And it is no coincidence that the memory of these women lives on so powerfully in our imaginations: no one can destroy or contain the power of women, and for every attempt that is made, the blowback is that much harder. Most of female potential all around the world is still waiting to be unlocked. It is the greatest gold mine ever to exist, and it is invisible. The potential inside of people’s minds is invisible, but that does not mean it does not exist. And the power that women possess to change the world for the better and bring humanity into a period of great prosperity is more powerful than anything in the world, because it is women who create life. So they have the power to create anything.

There is no higher energy in the Universe than the energy which creates life. It is what the Universe exists to do. And women not only create civilization, but they are the backbone of it. Yet to this day, they are still forced to perform some of the most under-appreciated, underpaid, overworked, thankless and least dignified tasks in society, such as being maids, teachers, nurses and single moms. And society suffers for it, because when you don’t invest in women and their abilities, everyone loses. But by granting women equal dignity with men in society by showing them the respect that they deserve, paying them fairly for their work and time and giving them the opportunity to reach their potential and harness their power will help everyone. And more than they can imagine.

It will not only restore balance, justice, beauty and harmony to western society as well as the rest of the world, but therein lies the greatest technological and intellectual revolution the world will ever see. It is the attempt to disempower women and spread false ideas that they are the weaker, inferior sex which results in suffering, corruption and slowed progression. But by pushing humanity forward by empowering women, granting them equal dignity and giving them the opportunity to harness their potential, it will not only create a more balanced, fair and kind world, but a more beautiful and harmonic world as well, where everyone will benefit. Even men. And this is the kind of world I dream about living in and want to create. What about you?