San Luis Potosi: History, Science & Culture in Mexico

San Luis Potosi: History, Science & Culture in Mexico

San Luis Potosi stole my heart for a little while. I came upon the University near the downtown area where I met some very nice students and befriended them hopefully for life. The city has a very old feel to it and it’s quite lovely. Definitely check out the Museo de Mascaras, Museo Regional de Potosi and stroll the nearby Plaza Aranzazu for Indigenous performances.

Find the Metropolitan Cathedral and step into the many cathedrals and churches of the beautiful downtown area. Find the Plaza de Fundadores and around the corner is the public library where you can get water, charge your phone and use the bathroom at no charge. Come upon the Plaza del Carmen and Porroquia Nuetra Sra del Carmen.

Find the Teatro de Paz and stroll down the Calzada de Guadalupe to the Parroquia Basílica Santuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe San Luisa, a magnificent cathedral. Also check out the Instituto potosino de Bellas Artes, Hotel Museo Palacio de San Agustin and the Meseo de Ferrocarril if you’re into trains. Also check out the Charles Darwin Museum where I learned about evolution and Charles Darwin’s journey in finding out how life works and his great efforts made to challenge the norm of his time.


Make sure you check out Xilitla, a pueblo magico with a castle you can hike and discover. Find the Manantial Media Luna, Cascada Tamul, Cascada Tamasopo, Puente de dios, Cascada Micos, and Cave of swallows. To the north of the city is Real de catorce, another pueblo magico, where you can try Peyote and come upon many Indigenous people walking through the streets.

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