Oaxaca: The Heart of Mexico, with Chocolate

Oaxaca: The Heart of Mexico, with Chocolate

20161031_222707Oaxaca is a beautiful part of Mexico and is probably its chocolate capital! Filled with all kinds of ‘mole‘ – green mole, black mole, mole in tacos, mole de pollo, etc. Apart from chocolate-inspired entrees are the Mayordomo chocolate shops where you can walk in and buy chocolate in bulk – mole, frozen chocolate malts, and chocolate blocks.

I have been told by a few locals that Oaxaca is considered by many to be the ‘heart of Mexico.’ Stroll through the Calle Macedonio Alcala from the grand Templo Santo Domingo all the day to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and accompanying zocalo, past surrounding shops, restaurants, art galleries, book stores and street vendors and artists day and night.

Also to note is the Anthropology Museum whose entrance is located right next to the Templo Santo Domingo and is filled with historic relics and a gorgeous overlook of the cactus garden in the back. Take a stroll over to El Llano, an outdoor marketplace where there is FOOD GALORE. Shopping, knick knacks and as many tacos al pastor and mole de polls as you can stuff in your face! Enjoy!

Oaxaca is especially a great destination to take part in celebrations for Day of the Dead. There are parades and people make ofrendas (offerings) with candles and flowers to the dead at the Panteon General and the Panteon Xoxocotlan. 

However, one of the greatest treasures of Oaxaca is the incredible pre-hispanic city of Monte alban. Come and gaze upon the awesomeness of the ancient pyramids and hike to the top where you can see 360 degrees panoramic views of the mountains around you. It’s a site to behold. I stayed here for 6 hours.


If you have an afternoon, cruise on over to the little town of Santa Maria Del Tule where they have the widest tree in the world – El Tule! Also make a stop at Hierva el Agua, an area of thermal pools coupled with the gorgeous overlook of the stunning topography of Oaxaca. If you have time, check out San Agustin Etla, the best place to observe a 300 year old Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead parade where locals dress in incredible costumes and dance all night long to a live band in front of a church.

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