Mexico City: Home of Frida

Mexico City: Home of Frida


Frida Kahlo Casa

Pictured above is me at the Frida Kahlo Museum– Museo Casa Studio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo (their homes converted into museums) which are located in Mexico City.

‘Frida y Diego lived in this house 1929-1954’

Frida Kahlo was a very gifted Mexican painter who suffered many physical illnesses during her life. She loved Diego Rivera, also an artist. Both of them were celebrities who socialized with prominent figures and politicians.

Metropolitan Cathedral

At the center of the city is the impressive Metropolitan cathedral, pictured above. Across the street is the zocalo, national palace, and Templo Mayor (rich archaeological site). A stroll from the Metropolitan Cathedral through Avenida 5 de Mayo takes you through a cool shopping plaza (peep into the Templo de San Felipe along the way) to the Palacio de Bellas Artes, a beautiful performing arts center.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

Further west you will find the exquisite Chapultapec Castle overlooking the beautiful Bosque Chapultapec (forest) and across the way is the incredible Museo Nacional de Antropologia which houses an incredibly impressive amount of pre-hispanic artifacts. It’s amazing; plan on spending at least 3 hours at this museum. You can also just see really cool street art around the city, like that below which was a student project:

Student artist street art

To the southwest of the city you can find Coyoacan, a pleasant stroll past shopping and restaurants with a Church where you can see weddings and quinceaneras taking place.  Find the upper-class and well groomed San Angel area in this region of the city where you can find little artisan shops, restaurants and shopping. This is actually where the Kahlo Museum was located.

Street art outside Palacio de Bellas Artes

To the south is Xochimilco where you can take a colorful gondola-like boat called a trajinera across the river past floating gardens (artificial islands) called chinampas. This particular area is a World Heritage Site and has been around since the pre-hispanic era. Check out pictures of Xochimilco here!

Day of the Dead offering (ofrenda)

To the northwest of the city is the incredible Soumaya Museo which is famous for its outside architecture and its collection of private art owned by Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. Mexico City is even better during the Day of the Dead celebrations and offerings. They did a parade for the first time ever this year, 2016, inspired by the 007 film Spectre. (See my post here about the amazing parade!). Below I pasted some pictures from Day of the Dead offerings, which are rampant during DOTD season!

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