Guadalajara: Charm, Culture & Chocolate Croissants

Guadalajara: Charm, Culture & Chocolate Croissants

I came to Guadalajara and stuffed my face with chocolate croissants until I couldn’t fit anymore. This place is amazing. You have the Cathedral of Guadalajara at the center of the downtown area and the Plaza de Armas where you can catch local street artists and vendors and there are surrounding shops and restaurants. To note is the pizza restaurant at the corner across from the Cathedral where they sell the most amazing chocolate croissants that I think they fill with nutella.

A must see is the Teatro Degollado where you hopefully have some time to catch a show because the interior of the building is beautiful. Also be sure to check out the Parque Metropolitano and the Instituto Cultural Cabanas where you can gaze upon art for hours and hours. Nearby is the Mercado Reforma which is the large martketplace of the city. A beautiful church worth noting is the Templo de Aranzazu.

Be sure to visit Tlaquepaque which is an eclectic mix of churches, art galleries housing famous works by famous artists, street vendors and artists, shopping, restuarants, a beautiful central square with a kiosko, and good eats on the street. Buy a tamale, some steamed veggies with crema and queso, a few churros, and whoever else you want! Great place to go for the day.

If you have time, head over to the Bosque de la Primavera, a forest area northwest of the city where you can hike for a couple hours and lay in a thermal river. This was really relaxing and a nice place to go for the afternoon.

Day Trips

Guadalajara has a beautiful hacienda nearby called Hacienda Lomajim where I was fortunate enough to watch a live show of Mexican dancing and eat while watching the sun set. Unfortunately it’s not free but worth spending the money on a room to enjoy a serene and tranquil day at this gorgeous place that has a pool, hot tub, and place to relax overlooking the lush green Mexican canyons.

The famous pueblo magico of Tequila is most definitely worth seeing as it is where, you guessed it, Tequila is made! Walk around this colorful, historic town for a day and be sure to take a tour of one of the historic distilleries to learn how Tequila is made.

Take a bus to nearby quaint towns like Tapalpa and Chapala and the charming and beautiful pueblo magico in the mountains, Mazamitla.

Also worth seeing is the beautiful Santa Maria del Oro which is an overnight camping site which an absolutely gorgeous lake view. Rent a kayak and go out for a few hours for a relaxing day on the water and listen to the wild birds along the banks.

Also check out the beautiful archaeological site Guachimontones and go hike the pyramids and check out the accompanying museum.

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