I know traveling alone can be daunting, so here are some useful tips that I have used as a solo female traveler.

1. Don’t back down¬†if your answer is no, especially to sexual or romantic invitations. If you don’t feel comfortable, don’t do it. And if they keep pushing, make sure to have a safe alternative place to stay. Know your surroundings.

2. Use your best judgement/gut feelings about people.

3. If you’re alone, it may be better to have a curfew. I usually have a curfew of being back in my place before dark unless I feel safe being out after dark in a certain place because it’s become familiar to me.

4. Do not put your purse behind you; carry it in front of you. Thieves unfortunately include children who will stick their little hands into your purse.

5. Do not put valuables into your backpack if you are carrying your backpack behind you. People steal from the back.

6. Watch your step. Falling,¬†spraining your ankle or hurting yourself in some other way and not being able to get back up is really scary, especially if you’re alone!

7. Always tell someone where you are; include the name and address of the person. The app “find friends” is really useful because it gives up to date info to a person of your choosing on where you are. Find someone you trust and hook them up through the app.


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