• Google Maps,
    • I use both of these apps to get directions when I do not have cell service or wifi. Download and save large areas in these apps before your trip and you’ll have GPS sans cell service or wifi
      • Free


  • Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp
    • Text anyone anywhere
      • Free
  • Google hangouts (usually requires wifi)
    • I have used this app to make calls from Mexico to the US
      •  So far all of my calls have been Free
  • Facetime (usually requires wifi)
    • FaceTime is a great free way to video call someone
      • Free
  • Skype (Usually requires wifi)
    • Make video calls to other countries (I haven’t actually tried it)
      • Free


  • Couchsurfing
    • Stay with locals! The CS community is full of wonderful, kind and nice people.
      • Free
  • Skyscanner
    • Search the cheapest flights to your destination
      • Free
  • Blablacar
    • Cheap carpool and review based so you can see what others have said about the people with whom you are carpooling. I have only used this app  in Mexico.
      • Free
  • Uber
    • Dependable and efficient; cheap depending on where you are.
      • Free app


  • Google translator
    • Translates voice and text messages
      • Free
  • Duolingo
    • Lean another language
      • Free (as far as I know)


  • Find Friends
    • Always tell SOMEONE where you are going! The app Find Friends sends your location in real time to anyone of your choice to consents to receive your location.
      • Free

And that’s it! Happy Travels!