About Me

About Me


Hello and welcome to my site!

Guanajuato, Mexico

After I graduated from college, there was a lot I wanted to do, but first I wanted to travel for a while. So I embarked on solo backpacking trip on what was supposed to be all of Latin America and I wanted to finish it within 2 years. Yes, I was going to Latin America to travel by myself.

Puebla City

My plan was to start in Mexico and work my way down all the way through the southern tip of South America. It was an enormous goal. I only planned on spending 2 months in Mexico, but I loved it so much that I stayed in that country for a year and a half.

San Sebastian del Oeste, Mexico

I was terrified when I left because I did not know anyone and was going to stay with strangers through Couchsurfing. But everything turned out so much better than I could have dreamed. At times I felt like maybe it was a dream because it was that wonderful and I wondered what I had done to deserve such joy.

Valle de Bravo, Mexico

That trip empowered me to start this website, which at first was a blog of my travels, but has now expanded to become a gallery of my work in other areas of my life. After moving back to Los Angeles, I began a career in stand up comedy and became an entrepreneur, and the rest is history!

Monarch Butterfly Biosphere, Michoacan

Thank you for checking out my site!